Equine Assisted Coaching sessions are the fastest and most lasting learning I have ever experienced. In an equine assisted coaching session, we work with horses at liberty (no saddles or bridle) and on the ground, rather than riding, to help you learn about yourself and the ways you communicate and express yourself in the world.  Because you are outdoors with an animal while learning, many clients find this method of coaching provides learning that is very easy to access going forward, like a lesson that stays with you.  The learning is visceral and unique to you and therefore easy to recall.   You learn in a part of your brain that is different than verbal learning such as talking or reading.   The horses are my assistants in this type of coaching session and as highly social, non-predatory and incredibly aware animals, they provide excellent assistance.



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FAQ’s for Horse Assisted Coaching:

Q: Where do we meet?

A:  I use a facility in the Preston Hollow area of  Dallas, Texas.  If you have your own horse you would like to work with, arrangements can be made.


 Q: Do I need to have horse experience?

 A:  No, no experience is necessary.  I will teach you everything you need to know before beginning your work with the horse.


Q: Why horses? 

A: Horses are highly social, intensely aware, non-predatory animals who are therefore well equipped to help us learn about non-verbal aspects of communication and how we present ourselves in the world.  Besides that, they are beautiful and fun to be around.


Q: What kind of issues are addressed in horse assisted coaching? 

A: Any issue that would be addressed in a phone coaching session can be addressed in this format.


Q: What will we actually do?

A: When you arrive, we will take a little bit of time to observe the horses while I give you some information about the nature of these beautiful animals and some tips to keep you safe during our time together.  We will discuss what your goals are for the session.  Some clients want to work on achieving a certain kind of feeling while working with the horse, often a feeling they would like to experience more in real life.  Others like to bring a "sticky" situation from their life to the horse work to see what insights might be gained.  Next, I do a demonstration in the round pen, which is a circular area 54 feet in diameter that is filled with sand.  I reinforce the safety tips I mentioned earlier, and show you some ways that you can interact with the horse and show you a bit about how to speak "horse language".  Finally, you enter the round pen, and the actual session begins.  I am right outside and can always remain in the pen with you if you feel safer that way.    A session is a combination of you spending time  interacting with the horse, interspersed with dialogue between you and me based on what I notice combined with the intention that you set at the beginning of the session.


Q: What does it cost?

 A: The cost is $300 for a 2 hour session, or $550 for a package of 4 one hour sessions.  Half day or full day sessions with individuals or groups can be designed.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn about these options.


Q: What do I wear? 

A: You will want to wear close toed shoes, and comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily and that you don't care if they will get a bit dirty.  You may want sunscreen or a hat if it is a sunny day.

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